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Great art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in his personal vision of the world. ― Edward Hopper


Mary-Ann Beall was born in Anglet, Basque Country  (south of France) in 1959, from an American father and a Basque mother. From 1977 to 1979 she studied art at the  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and at the Academy of Art College,San Francisco. She moved to Paris – France - in 1985, where she currently lives and works. She began her career as a visual artist by winning contests for the commissions of the “1% artistique” (a specific French procedure for the commissioning of works to artists that imposes itself on the State, its public institutions and local authorities through the authority of French Ministry of Culture). Beside her commissions for public buildings as a muralist, graphic designer and sculptor, and her private commissions for murals, architectural mosaïcs and design, Mary-Ann Beall initiated her own projects.  She developed great skill to create mobile sculptures, interested in the changes of her works through variations of movement, light and shadow. Seeking tactile and luminous contrast, she explores shapes and textures with great freedom. Always in search of a balance between strength and fragility, her work is an abstract sensory invitation. With very few words, Mark Rothko wonderfully expressed what she is attempting to achieve: "I became a painter because I wanted to raise painting to the level of poignancy of music and poetry."

Since 2010, Mary-Ann Beall focuses on poetic and environmental topics. Her work has been presented in solo exhibitions in museums, art centers and galleries in Paris - her installation project "Dépaysements, a polysemy of changes", was noticed in jury committee and obtained the support of the Paris City Hall and the Plastic Arts Delegation for a solo exhibition at 9CUBE at the 9th City Hall in 2010. Other French cities have financially supported and welcomed her proposals: "Poétique du Vent", 2012 and "Lambeaux Vifs", 2016, in Biarritz... Abroad, she was invited for her project "Small Worlds" in London, 2012 and for "Mandelstam, The Interlocutor" in Moscow, 2014. She is also involved in collective projects and exhibitions in France and abroad. Her works are found in public and private collections in France and abroad.



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